IPod recovery software can recover data lost or deleted from iPod like photos, videos etc. IPods are the most favorite device among music lovers. iPods storage capacity is so strong that it can even save the different format files like photos, MP3, MP4 etc. New versions of iPods are capable of clicking picture as they have more storage spaces to keep the data. This software will help you in recovering lost or deleted music files, photos etc from your iPod. Similar to storage devices like hard disk, iPods too use files system to keep and organize files. Hence, when you delete you files like photos, music files accidentally that does not mean they are deleted permanently. This action only deletes the allocation information from file table in file system. At the last, if files are deleted then it can be recovered even in case of iPods. There are number of ways in which data can recovered from iPods and at the same time number of ways to lose the files. Therefore, you need to know both the ways for loss as well as recovery. 1. Connecting iPods to the infected PC can lead to loss of files. 2. Glitches caused due to upgrading of iTunes. 3. Saving of infected files on iPods can cause severe loss from iPods. Ways to keep the data safe: 1. Keep strong backups and restoring points. 2. Connect your iPod to the system that have updated antivirus to avoid virus attacks. 3. Don?t reset the iPod again and again that will cause loss of files.