BMPSoft Access Control System is a system by which users can grant or revoke the right to access some data, or control some actions. Normally, a user must first login to the system. Next, the BMPSoft Access Control system controls what operations the user may or may not make by comparing the User's ID to an Access Control database. BMPSoft Access Control System is built on a foundation of versatility, flexibility, and scalability. Key features of BMPSoft Access Control System 1.BMPSoft Access Control System is easy-to-use and very practical software. 2.BMPSoft Access Control System can help you to control the right to access some data. 3.BMPSoft Access Control System is a secure system to control the data you want to protect. BMPSoft Access Control System includes: 1.File permissions, such as create, read, edit or delete on a file server. 2.Program permissions, such as the right to execute a program on an application server. 3.Data rights, such as the right to retrieve or update information in a database. How to use BMPSoft Access Control System? Step1 you need to download BMPSoft Access Control System and install it in your PC. Step2 click the shortcut and then you can operate the software by yourself. Step3 you can control who have rights to access your relative data.