Mobile Interval Training Timer lets you do what you really want to do:Focus on your workout, not your watch You run. And you look at your watch. Or you box. And you look at your watch. You do Tabata. And – well, you get the picture. I’m an amateur boxer, so I’ve done it too. Looking at my watch to get the intervals right. Problem is, I couldn’t pay enough attention to my workout. It was driving me crazy. I did see some watches on line that had interval training timers, but they cost $50, $60, even $80 or so! And I’ve heard they don’t even work well. Besides that, they only allow you to enter one time for each interval – a rest interval and a work out interval. I like to use multiple intervals within one workout. I haven’t seen a single interval training timer that can do that. A Practical, Affordable Solution Luckily, I’m not just a boxer. I’m also kind of a computer nerd. So I invented my own solution: