PST Backup tool is used to create back up for the PST file. Back up of PST file for security reasons can be created using this recovery tool. Outlook is the client side tool used to send and receive the mails. PST is a file used as backend for Outlook. All the data of attributes are saved in that particular files and are accessed when needed. There are certain reasons of data loss form PST file. PST is the best file to access and to support the Outlook is because this file can support UNICODE character. This supports the extended size of file that is from 2 GB up to 50 GB. Previously the size of the file was 2 GB and this was the main reason that leads files to corruption due to oversized storing of data in it. Numbers of more reasons are there, leads to data loss. Therefore, when there are reasons of loss then better to secure the PST file. The backup PST file recovery software is used to keep the file safe and use it later for the purpose of recovery. Downloading and installation of software is so easy and usage of it as well. Software will create a copy of PST file and later you can use that PST file as a backup. Software comes with snap shots to create the backup easily. A new copy of PST file will be created and attribute recovery using the file can be done easily. Outlook have not only one backend file but also one more and that is OST. Using backup PST file a copy of file will give you the assurance of getting the data back and also the attributes of Outlook from user?s account to it?s inbox.