Today users know that iPad is a new device from Apple company which represents something between the laptop and the smart phone. The tablet computer is the device which combines the best features of the laptop and the smart phone. Which advantages of this device do arouse interest in users? IPad allows working conveniently in a network by means of fingers, without keyboard and mouse use. Tablet computer is attractive for people of all age owing to its simplicity during work. The design of tablet computer is of great importance too. Different applications are developed for iPad and they make iPad as practically universal device. Besides the reputation of Apple company plays the basic role. We pass to the task which you have - you need to learn to copy iPad or recovery iTouch. How is it? It is very simple. For example, it is necessary to transfer files from iPad or on the contrary. Transfer music from iPad is necessary in several cases. The simplest example - your friend likes songs, photos or video clips and he asks to copy music from iPad to play on his player. How to transfer audio files or video files from iPad to the usual computer (Windows XP / 7)? Each question should have the answer. The special utility which will help to transfer files is required for you. Having such tool for copying albums with music and other files, you can transfer any information from iPad on the personal computer or the laptop. The recommended utility is created to help users to copy iPad. If you have decided to take advantage of such software for the first time and did not know how to transfer files from iPad, the instruction for the user could be helpful for you. The software is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.