PA Light is a Javaâ„¢ applet allows you to publish your photos as impressive Photo Albums on your web site. The applet helps you to organize your images in categories and to handle them very easy. It downloads and cashes all your images in a separate process during of the time when your visitors explore your first images. When they visit your site next time they will see all your images almost at the moment. Any album stick on your web pages just like an image but it has hidden depths... Your visitors can explore them in both useful "Single" and "Mosaic" modes. "Mosaic" mode shows all photos as tiles (thumbnails), enabling your visitors to open quickly the right image in "Single" mode. In "Single" mode they can, zoom in, zoom out any image and go to the next or previous one both by mouse and keyboard. If they can't see any part of the image they may drag it by the right mouse button. It protects your images from an illegal copying, too. No "Save", "Copy", "Set", "Print" and "Email" options are allowed. PA Light offers a stylish design and adjustable user-friendly graphic interface.