Windows undelete software is used to undelete files/folders of different format. Mostly user losses their data and do not even know the reason of loss. Users confronted with the data loss in some ways. Sometime user knows the ways and sometimes it is bit harder to know. At the end there is data loss but can be recovered. Often the user faces the loss of data and move forward. If you don't want to lose your data then you have to be very careful while using. Some precautions are meant to keep data safe in windows but also in other OS. Moreover, you can keep strong-updated backups or the restoring points in the system to refrain from complete loss. After following these precautions, still if you are unable to recover the data then you can use the recovery software. After following these precautions, still if you have lost your data then you can use the recovery software. Let see what has to be avoided in order to keep your data safe in Windows. 1. Do not insert the infected pen drive in the system or any other means that have virus in the data. 2. Formatting/ reformatting of the drive must not be done if don?t have the backups. 3. Emptying the Recycle Bin have to be done carefully. 4. Recycle Bin should not be kept full to avoid the skipping of oversized files. 5. Abrupt shut down of a system or application has to be avoided. At last if your data is deleted or lost then you don't have to panic. You can do recovery by using the undelete windows software. Undelete windows software are specially designed with an algorithms to undelete windows data. Using this software you can recover all the data from windows.