Have you recovered your computer from a system crash and found that some information is missing? Has a system failure rendered your hard drive inaccessible, and the operating system unable to load? Have you accidentally formatted or repartitioned your NTFS drive? Do you urgently need to recover as much data as it is still possible after a hard drive accident? NTFS Data Recovery provides a complete solution to rescue data from a corrupt drive, automatically scanning the disk and accurately re-creating the entire original file structure on another disk.   Modern hard drives can keep hundreds gigabytes of data in millions files. Imagine the size and complexity of a modern file system that contains information on exact file sizes, names and locations. A sudden computer crash or a buggy application can cause data corruption at any time, which in turn means the entire hard drive may become inaccessible because of file system failure. NTFS Data Recovery Can: Recover files and folders from damaged and corrupted NTFS drives Recover data from formatted NTFS volumes Recover files from repartitioned and inaccessible NTFS drives Undelete files in just a few clicks (from NTFS-formatted disks only) Scan the entire hard drive looking for missing NTFS partitions