It could be corporate policy or personal preferences that pushed you to use Microsoft Outlook. Whatever the reason is, your Outlook task management experiences could be much better that it is right now with TaskCracker for Outlook. Manage tasks Visually within native Microsoft Outlook interface using intuitive Urgency / Importance matrix. - Balance urgent and important tasks to ensure long-term success - Create the right agenda for the day in seconds: tasks you really need to do - Increase your efficiency by making the time management process more visible Integrated into MS Outlook - Works in native Outlook interface - Deals with native Outlook tasks - Provides colored categories - Allows multiple email accounts - Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 supported Fast and Secure - Launched in one click from Outlook - Fast start-up and performance - Installed in a blink - Fine-tuned for large number of tasks - 100% secure and reliable Inspired by Eisenhower Matrix, Stephen Covey's, Getting Things Done, and Inbox Zero task management methods.