In a huge organization with hundreds of people, it gets difficult to manage entire details of Who changed What from Where. Here, we must rely on third party Active Directory Audit Software that proficiently records all changes made in the AD and keeps them in a single repository that can be analyzed as and when required. It collects all data and allows taking backup of all Active Directory files to restore them to the desired state in case of emergencies. The tool lets users to rollback all changes made to the AD. It allows user to track all changes made to the AD from a centralized location. The software generates ad hoc reports that are useful in analyzing changes. System admin can create real time alerts for few critical changes as well. This feature allows minimal data loss, because user will be notified as soon as some change is made and he can roll back changes immediately. The reports thus created can be scheduled according to the needs. Active Directory Audit tool efficiently eliminates several risks such as security breach, compliance violation, fraudulent activities, deletion of crucial information etc. Other than that, the tool creates secure environment with low downtime, automates the change detection and rollback process. Centralized management of logs reduces extra resource utilization and promotes long term archiving that keep the compliance issues at bay! Now, users can add domains directly to the software instead of adding individual domain controllers. The fully functional utility is available for 15 days free trial. For more details: