This software is having such algorithms that are capable of creating backup of mails in order to keep the attributes safe. The software usage will create attributes backup like backups of task, calendars, mails, sent emails etc. All the attributes are part of emails. These emails are saved in file and the file name is PST file that is abbreviation of personal storage table. When the Outlook backup software is used, it create the backup of the files. There are many more attributes related to emails are saved particular in PST files and once created a backup could not be lost. It helps in creating the backup. This software supports different version of Outlook. At times PST files are corrupted and result of that there is attribute loss. There are some sort of scenarios which results in loss of attributes. 1. Abruptly shutting the Outlook sometimes causes corruption in PST files. 2. Virus attack to the system causes PST file corruption and sometime deletion. 3. Sharing of PST file over unsecured network, results in corruption of file. 4. Compressing the PST file for portability usage can result in corruption of files. 5. Saving of attribute?s data in PST file is very complex, if this process is interrupted then there could be loss of attributes. 6. Up gradation of version of Outlook may result in loss or corruption of files.