FEED DROPPER PROVIDES REAL-TIME DATA FOR METASTOCK AMIBROKER NINJA TRADER. Feed Dropper is basically a product for the people who like to analyze different instruments from a single application. We provide processed data with speed equivalent to view terminal .Our feeds can be viewed on a Grid in the application itself. Nse data download at lightning speed, nse eod historical data ,download and backfill within seconds ,nse intraday data backfill for specified days for individual symbols and for all is also available .nse live data feed was once been taken at a very high price from many data providers but Feed Dropper solves and slices the rates of individual exchanges to global.nse eod data for metastock and nse realtime data for metastock can be used from the same platform .nse realtime data feed for amibroker,metastock,Ninja trader and in csv format for other compatible software's .nse nifty and including index options and futures data is integrated within the Feed Dropper. Our main criteria when we purchase a charting software like amibroker is where would I get amibroker data feed .and do I have to subscribe for all exchanges differently, Feed Dropper also shows u the screenshots of configuring amibroker realtime data .We also feel like the regular data for metastock or end of day data for metastock, for that we would have to subscribe to th another service of the same provider. here the solution is already available within Feed Dropper .if we go to various sources just to download nse data does not solve our purpose as the formats of metastock and data available by the provider may not be integrated easily with metastock format or amibroker format etc. Forex which is a very slow and steadily growing market and people are also participating more as international brokers have been promoting forex trading in India .Currently MT4 and MT5 are two platforms where the feeds are possible to trade forex but seeing the want of Indian traders, chartists ,