Global Finance School, an upcoming dominant provider of financial education for beginners, launches a brand new digital platform for self-learning of investments, economics and finance, for a free download: Global Finance School's new platform enables students and individuals seeking self- or job-improvement easy and fast access to a rich database of interactive courses in finance. These courses, until recently only available by streaming, are suitable for beginners in the field - each new term is carefully defined using straightforward language, examples and illustrations. They're also self-paced, giving the students the flexibility to learn whenever they please, flip back and forth, or even stop mid-lesson to continue later. The learning experience is enhanced by entertaining videos and weblinks to relevant real-life events. Learn more here: The new application makes learning finance simpler than ever. After a short login at start up, the user gets immediate access to purchased courses, which are available even when not connected to the internet - therefore perfect to study while traveling. The app includes individual completion rates per course, even per lesson, to help keep track of progress; as well as graded quizzes and a total mark for each course. It features in-app purchase of additional courses using a PayPal account - the purchased courses will be immediately downloaded and become available with no time limit, even offline. About Global Finance School Global Finance School's goal is to provide straightforward, accessible financial education for people of any age or background. Teams of dedicated professionals break down complicated financial subjects and bring them to life, using simple explanations, interactive elements and links to real-life events. Learn more at