ICCL is a powerful professional converter intended for processing vast arrays of images regardless of their size. The program is perfectly suitable for use in large enterprise networks. + Conversion of over 260 image formats and over 800 dialects + All specifications of the file formats available to the program + Saving to 12 most popular formats + Possibility to work in applications written in Visual Basic, ASP, Visual C++, Delphi, etc. + Server side application mode + Possibility to schedule image processing tasks + Implementation of an image processing system and creation of a network file storage + Configurable process of emailing converted files + Configurable uploading of images to an FTP server preserving the folder structure +Thread protection - independent error-free operation of several concurrent threads + Professional details - adding and editing of image metadata - EXIF and IPTC + Processing of images regardless of their size. + Batch conversion preserving the folder structure + Batch conversion of an unlimited number of files. + Support of animated images + Advanced configuration of image file saving. + A tool for advanced processing of multi-page files. + A broad range of resizing tools. Possibility to resize images using a per cent ratio, the actual size, image resolution, fill in size, fit in size, etc. + Tools for image color correction: contrast, brightness, sharpness, color replacement, opacity and other filters. + Page modifications: mirror, margins, cropping, rotation. + Possibility to add watermarks and logos + Configuration, saving and application of user profiles for conversion, resizing and batch image processing + Variative configuration of rules for generating files names, creation dates and other parameters. + Comprehensive information and technical support provided by the program developer + Fully customizable to the customer's needs.