These days, Microsoft Exchange Server is an integral part of many organizations. In order to maintain the performance of Exchange server, it is essential to monitor and analyze its all attributes constantly. To help you to perform such task, Lepide Exchange Reporter software has been launched. It not only generate report about only specific issues, but also helps in effective collection of broad-scale data, proper analysis. Using this application, dealing with every major issue gets easier. With the help of generated report of the tool, you can effortlessly analyze email flow, mailbox folders, OWA, email usage, traffic and other details. In fact, it helps you save your valuable time that you usually utilize in creating Exchange reports manually. Lepide Exchange Reporter represents overall data in graphical and tabular format, so that you can easily use them for Exchange server performance improvement. Administrators can easily filter the reports and at the same time schedule and e-mail reports to the specified recipient at scheduled time. It enables administrator easy to track email flow and traffic pattern at granular level. In addition, it also generate reports in HTML, CSV, XLS, MHT, RTF and PDF format. By using the latest updated version which is embedded with dashboard feature, one can effectively have a quick overview of usage and infrastructure of organizational email system. In addition, ?Change Server? option helps you to change or select required Exchange server quickly. Moreover, it also supports Unicode characters in database. The evaluation version of the software is fully functional and capable enough to conduct a systematic Exchange reporting function. Though, user got to remember that the trial version is just valid for first 45 days after installation. For more details: