BLKSoft Desktop Sharing is used to share desktop with another computer that can be on the Internet thousands of miles away. It makes life much easier for both the users and the administrators. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing is not only a fantastic tool to supply technical supports for users, but also an excellent way to remotely and easily share information and collaborate with others. If you have a document, slide-show, or application that you want to present to others in the conversation, you can run BLKSoft Desktop Sharing. You can also allow other participants to take control of the document or application that is showed on your desktop. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing provides a smarter way to deal with tech issues. With BLKSoft Desktop Sharing, a company can organize a group meeting online, such as for a webinar or for on-line meetings. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing is beneficial for any business. It's even beneficial for a home user who needs to administrate machines on a local network. The software lets you see in real time when someone has sent you a document for review. Key Features of BLKSoft Desktop Sharing 1. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing allows you to drag and drop a folder to create a sharing and selection which friend can access. 2. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing allows you to sync folders among your own PCs as well. Setup a usual local or remote backup of your important folder is just easy. 3. All services of BLKSoft Desktop Sharing are running on top of the VPN that is automatically formed among your multiple PCs no matter where they are. 4. You can also use BLKSoft Desktop Sharing to extend the VPN to include your friends' PCs if both sides allow. 5. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing satisfies face-to-face integrated video and audio. 6. BLKSoft Desktop Sharing meets whatever you want -your office, iPhone, smartphone, even your iPad! 7. You can record and replay your meetings and share with colleagues by using BLKSoft Desktop Sharing.