Active Directory requires constant updation which takes away a considerable amount of time of the administrator. To overcome this issue, Ad self service password reset software provides a proficient solution. It enables the user to update the information by their own self without taking any permission from the administrator. Also, it enables the users to perform password reset, unlocking account, automatic password reset, automatic account unlock, etc. Moreover, by using the self service password reset software the user can even authorize the other colleagues or co-workers to reset the password or unlock an account on their behalf. Furthermore, it provides a special facility to the administrator of User?s identity verification using which he can configure a strong password reset for which the user has to answer security questions that were asked or chosen by him while enrolling in the software database. It is a sophisticated and advanced utility that even generates reports to keep updating the administrator about the changes made in Active Directory from time to time such as account unlock, information update or password reset. For more information please visit: