Here are 30 Things You Must Know and Do Before Going Into Your First Camping Trip: 1. Gather all your camping equipment in a corner of a room and keep adding to it as you think of it. 2. Use basket shelves in your car for easy storage. 3. Store your clothes in sports bags. 4. Make sure all heavy items are secure and are packed at the bottom of your car boot with lighter items on top. 5. Take one prepared meal in a freezer that can be easily reheated on arrival at your destination. 6. Make sure you have everything you need for a drink stop like tea bags, instant coffee, sugar, condensed milk, cordial, powder, biscuits, a two liter bottle of water, matches, kettle, wet wipes and tea cloth 7. If you are going away for a short trip prepare your hot dishes so that you have more time to relax at your camp site and enjoy yourself. 8. Stock up on fresh fruit and vegetables at every chance. 9. List everything you will eat on the number of days you are away. 10. Keep extras always on hand which includes flowers for cakes and breads, noodles, rice, beans and lentils. 11. Remember long life milk (two to three cartons of long life milk per day should be sufficient for a family of two children and two adults as a guide). 12. It?s a good idea try camping in your backyard to see how you feel about your tent and sleeping bags etc. 13. Your first camping gear does not have to be expensive. It is more important that it is durable and keeps you protected from all weather conditions. Bring a piece of ground cloth with you, a piece of plastic that goes under your tent. Tuck the edges neatly underneath the tent. The first thing you must consider when choosing the tent is the size, according to the number of people your tent is going to house. 14. Take cutlery with you that is old and definitely won?t be missed if it doesn?t come home with you. 15. Keep cutlery separate from crockery by placing them in plastic containers with lids o