ADOplusWeb - Web based user management Software for your Active Directory - Exchange 2013/2010 and Lync 2013/2010-Organization. With ADOplusWeb you can edit all attributes of an AD-Object in a web browser. ADOplusWeb fully covers the Exchange properties of users, groups dynamic and contacts, including mailbox rights and delegations and now also the Lync attributes of users and contacts.. ADOplusWeb displays the Active Directory objects in the directory treeview, like the ADuC does, or in a flat Browser structure, like the global address list in Outlook. ADOplusWeb uses Desktop in the Browser technologies and is easy to use for management delegation. And its fast even in large environments. ADOplusWeb features: Edit Active Directory user, groups, contacts, dynamic distribution lists, OUs and computers Exchange 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 Support Lync 2013/2010 Support Create Mailbox, Move Mailbox Mailbox permissions and SendAs permissions to be set in one step Manage mailbox delegates Exchange 2010 archive mailbox, Policies, features etc. Change Mailbox Type, Linked MB, Trusted domains supported Edit Calendar Features PST-Import/Export GUI Manage Dumpster 2.0 Manage Mailbox Automapping Edit Lync Policies, SIP-Address etc. Object Bulk changes Edit Custom Active Directory attributes Logging of all attribute changes in a SQL-database (Full Version) Internal permission management (Full Version) No Client installation Runs in any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera) Runs on IIS 6, IIS 7 or up. ADOplusWebis compatible with ADO++. The forms and the features are very similar. Logging can be done into the same database. ADOplusWeb is available in 2 Versions: The full version of ADOplusWeb has its own user management. So ADOplusWeb can show a special part of the directory for one user, another part for another user. It is also possible to configure the tasks, a user is allowed to perform with the objects.