Lepide Exchange Reporter is a sophisticated reporting tool for business organizations that use MS Exchange Server for email communication. It shows complete information about the email flow, mailbox usage, mailbox size, suspicious email activities and other fields related to the MS Exchange Server. Exchange Server reporter extracts information regarding a MS Exchange platform from transaction log files. It completely monitors email usage and storage capacity of business organizations. Lepide Exchange Reporter allows its user effectively track the misuse of organizational emailing system. It also allows administrator to publish several predefined reports after analyzing information of Exchange transactional logs. Exchange Server reporter also helps a business organization in assessing its exact email storage capacity. It helps in successful generation of several predefined reports featuring email usage on the whole mail server as well as individual user system in a business organization. The utility also provides options to filter Exchange reports based on various criteria such as sender’s email id, recipient’s email id, date of sending or receiving emails. Making a proper utilization of this software IT administrator can very effectively send email storage or usage reports to specific user id. The tool also offer administrator to get dashboard preview of email usage, mailbox folder sizes, public folder sizes and other fields of a MS Exchange organization. Moreover, the software is also “Change Server” option, which enables user to instantly change or select required Exchange server and view its reports effectively. It is also available in free evaluation version, which is fully functional for 45 days trial period. After using the software for evaluation period, you are required to purchase the licensed version of software for further usage. For more details: www.exchangereporter.net