Challenge yourself to the most difficult levels of 24/7 Bubble! There are now 6 different colors of bubble gems in 24/7 Bubble! Gorgeous green gem bubbles, blue gem bubbles, pink diamond bubbles, perfect purple bubbles, square yellow bubbles, and orange circle bubbles are here to play and make your bubble game just a bit harder! These levels are obviously getting harder, so make sure you're on your bubble game! Watch for bubble rocks which can't be popped - only dropped by popping those bubbles around them! Bouncing the bubbles off the walls will be your best option in these difficult levels, so we hope you've been practicing! Bubble bombs will be you best friends in this bubble game, so be sure to get to those bubbles and explode them whenever possible to win these levels! Make you way to winning the best bubble game around - 24/7 Bubble!