Facing corruption of BKF files while restoring data! BKF files may get corrupt due to corruption in storage media, abrupt system shutdown, accidental deletion of files, virus attacks, or some other reasons. Restoring BKF files with complete accuracy becomes the priority to make the BKF files totally accessible. BKF Restore tool may prove much helpful in retrieving all the data embedded within the corrupt or damaged BKF files. BKF Restore utility effectively recovers data from BKF files that got corrupt due to CRC errors. BKF Files created using any backup creator like VERITAS software under Windows, Novell & Mac OS can be repaired using BKF Restore tool. What the extra-ordinary features make it a different tool among others available in the market nowadays for BKF Restore include Save Snapshot and Load Snapshot. Embedded with advanced QFSCI algorithms, BKF Restore tool assures accurate recovery of data from damaged BKF files. Full support to Unicode characters, support to recovery of BKF files created on different OS platforms like Windows, Novell and Macintosh, support to recovery of BKF files created with NTBackup.exe and Backup Exec by VERITAS are some other distinguishing features of BKF Restore software. For more details: www.bkfrestore.org