Are you tired of a slow computer? Make your computer run like new again. RegCross increases your PC or laptop performance with one click. It reduces your boot and shutdown times by optimizing the system settings and therefore speeding up your computer. It automatically scans the Windows Registry and corrects invalid entries and errors, fixing Windows Registry corruption. It also optimizes your computer startup. You can easily manage the programs that launch when Windows first starts. You will get faster load time and improve overall system stability. RegCross repairs invalid file associations, as well. That ensures your files open with the properly associated programs. And it will help you to keep your computer clean, by removing clutter: remove safely gigabytes of junk from your computer! Of course, you will always have the chance to undo changes. To create a backup for all the changes for any possible restoration is very simple. Version 1.5 has been updated for an optimal performance under Windows 8. RegCross is easy to use and built for everyone. Plus 100% free!