Delphi Toys is a component set which contains: Hot Keys - System-wide hot keys component. System Mouse - Unique component which supports all the low-level WinAPI mouse functions, like mouse positions, mouse moving area clipping and system cursors. File Search - All-in-one file search component with very simple interface. File Version - Simple-in-use file version information component. Window Information - All the window-related code from the legendary WinDowse utility for the very special price. Folder Monitor - Very simple interface to the very complex WinAPI's folder notification system. Clipboard History - Text clipboard monitor with clip history support. Form Saver - Component for saving and loading form or any component to/from stream and file. Desktop Settings - Component for retreiving and changing the Windows desktop settings - colors, wallpaper and screen saver. Windows Shutdown - Component for shutdown the Windows XP in all possible modes: sleep, hibernate, logoff, poweroff, reboot, shutdown. WinEvent - Microsoft Active Accessibility component which allow to track many low-level system events without global hooks and external DLLs.