EK Russelektro - the supplier of the qualitative lighting equipment. The electrotechnical company "Russelektro" delivers on the market qualitative light sources - light-emitting diode lamps of leading trademarks, light-emitting diode searchlights of the various price categories, traditional light sources from OSRAM, PHILIPS, BLV, SYLVANIA, GE - halogen lamps, filament lamps, luminescent lamps, energy saving (KLL) of a lamp, mercury lamps (DRL lamp), sodium lamps (DNAT), metalhalogen lamps (DRI lamp). We will pick up for your inquiry from existence necessary light sources of the corresponding capacity, a light stream, a color rendition, a socle and other characteristics, and also we will make recommendations about optimization of energy consumption and to new energy saving technologies. The strongest positions of a commodity line of "EK Russelektro": - floodlight (light-emitting diode searchlights, searchlights under metalhalogen and sodium lamps - searchlights of 70 W, searchlights of 150 W, searchlights of 250 W, searchlights of 400 W, searchlights of 1000 W - pendant industrial lamps of a GSP/ZhSP and BELL series (light-emitting diode industrial pendant lamps, industrial pendant lamps under metalhalogen and sodium lamps) - industrial lamps of the PTR (PETRO) series - unprofitable and built in for illumination of trading floors, gyms, motor shows, filling station - industrial light-emitting diode lamps, industrial lamps under metalhalogen and sodium lamps In our company it is possible to order all range of accessories and components for lighting engineering for fast replacement in operating systems of lighting. We invite to cooperation of all interested persons - individual businessmen, trading production companies, advertizing agencies, shops of electrical equipment and Internet shops on sale of electrotechnical and lighting production. EK carries out wholesales lighting and cable conductor production with a wide complex of additional services!