Once your Phone has been stolen all you have to do is send a text to your stolen phone and it is automatically blocked If the thief makes any calls on your phone once it is stolen, all numbers called will be logged and available for you to give to police... same goes for text messages... this will make it easier for the police to track down the thief. All the information you have on your phone is backed up onto the smartfuzz servers, so you will never lose any information and it is easily uploaded to your new Phone ( or your retrieved one if you are lucky) One of the first things a thief usually does after stealing a Phone is change the SIM card...if he does this with your phone ... you will get an email telling you the number of the new SIM card and a text will be sent to a number you have set up as a friend number... you will be able to give this to the police. This allows you to know exactly where your stolen phone is in real time...invaluable to the police in tracking down the thief.