Features of BigAnt LAN messenger server: 1.BigAnt LAN messenger encrypts all data transferred on your network. 2.BigAnt LAN messenger server supports import user profile from Active directory and dynamic synchronize with Active Directory; 3.Centralized user management, Role permissions, offline message storing, full control of IM features on networked users. 4.Centralized message logging and archiving on BigAnt LAN messenger server for backup or audit purpose, keep reliable data for your intranet instant messaging system; 5.Configuration for BigAnt LAN messenger will take less than 10 minutes. Effortless maintenance, No learning curve for network users; Features of BigAnt LAN messenger client: 1. BigAnt LAN messenger client has rich and flexible features for instant messaging, including both of instant and offline messaging, group chat, conference chat and you can view/print conference record at whenever you need, also you can send broadcast message to whole company or selected users; 2. Easily send or forward a file to your colleague through local network, you can even send/forward file by Folder which is a creative feature you can only find in BigAnt LAN messenger; 3. Another innovative feature Quick Send allows you to send file or entire folder by right clicking it from Windows Explorer; 4. Voice and video chat; 5. BigAnt LAN messenger client can create customized group with existed valid contact list; 6. Optional sound alert for new incoming message, incoming files, user being online, pop-up note for message delivery status. 7. You can easily track all of the message delivery status in BigAnt LAN messenger client control panel, while getting a clear glance of of whether your message has been read by the recipient or not; 8. BigAnt LAN messenger clients can view/search their history message on local PC; system administrator can turn on/off the feature; 9.Apply your company logo and company name on BigAnt LAN messenger client.