Server Manager is an affordable enterprise Event Log Management and Server Monitoring software suite enabling both large enterprise and small business IT professionals to proactively monitor and manage their networks. Fulfill PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance requirements, consolidate and archive Event Logs, real-time monitor application logs, includes a Windows Syslog Server/Daemon, monitor free disk space, monitor network throughput, ping servers, automatically delete old log files and database backups and much more. Includes a wide range of alerts and actions including: customizable email (HTML and Text), SMS text messages, SNMP traps, Event Log and Syslog forwarding, remote process and script execution, remote desktop alerts and much more. Includes Security Event Log reports such as: Failed Logons, Success Logons, Logon Sessions, Account Lockout, Account Management and New Accounts. Receive daily Disk Space Utilization and Network Summary reports for all your servers. Automatically and remotely monitor and restart Windows Services when application memory or CPU load exceeds acceptable thresholds. No remote agents required. Client/Server architecture enables you to manage your network and receive desktop notification from any location. And much more?Free trial at