Stock Historical Data Download is software that can asynchronously download historical quotes of stocks, indices and mutual funds publicly traded in US and Canadian markets. It produces data output in a plain text format and the user can customize the format to make it compatible to the specific charting or technical analysis tools such as MetaStock. Daily, weekly, monthly, or dividends only options are provided to choose the interval to download. Command line arguments are provided for automation. Main Features Only one time purchase fee, no further subscription fee Batch downloads the symbol lists defined by you. Support the historical prices of stocks, indices, and mutual funds publicly traded in US and Canadian markets Asynchronous download Quotes to download can be unadjusted or split/dividend justed GUI and console-only versions Support various stock exchanges Define your own data format to download Support MetaStock ASCII 8 column format the price duration could be daily, weekly, or monthly Support to download dividend only Customize the data file name with postfix option Fully automation through command mode