Computer Security Software secure data & files with blocking usb and dvd drives. Pc Protection Pro can manage entire system by protect block files and folder with application blocking with windows tool and third party tool. Also block websites, usb port with cd/dvd writer. Run in complete hidden or stealth mode so that no one other than owner can detect run in command with hotkeys. Hide files and denied access of folder by protect features. Blocking Software can block files, apps, usb, folders and websites for security. PC Protection Pro is advance application to bring multiple blocking process to hide and disable access of multiple documents and extensions, run in complete hidden mode. Advance security program to blocking unwanted url and web also block usb and dvd writer so no one can take data from system. Protection software is safe and secure to do several process for secure pc. Blocking with extension is one of the most important features of software which can simply blocks any of the extension with software it can add security level to denied access of particular files, dll, exe, video, audio, pdf or any extensions. Pc Protection pro Features * Block Files and folder to access, hide, diable read write and delete mode of files and folders. * Block unwanted websites to open on multiple browsers. * Block USB and dvd ports. * Block with extensions. * Password protected application, no other than you can access it. * Work in batch process to implement the security. * Run in complete stealth mode. * support windows operating systems, windows 7, vista, xp, service pack.