This backup script is very important for every website owner to protect the web space . "Backup My Webspace" has more options as the usual backup function in the hosting control panels. Script Features: - Backup your entire or only parts of your web hosting space. - Setup unlimited backup profiles and run it automatically through a cron job. - Choose from 4 backup methods (zip, tar, tar.gz and tar.bz2 - if available on your server). - Let the script automatically upload the backup file to an external ftp server after each backup (if available on your server). - Option to automatically remove the local file after successful ftp upload. - Setup the number of backup files to keep. - Manage your backup profiles. - Edit your backup profiles, without the need to modify the existing cron job of this profile. - Download or delete your backup files. - Backup status indicator. - No mysql database required. - Hand coded script, designed under the newest security aspects. - Very easy installation and setup process. - And more