NTFS/FAT Recovery tool helps in easy recovery of your all-important data lost after an accidental formatted , virus attack, software malfunction, file/directory deletion or even sabotage! This data recovery utility inspects your inaccessible hard drive and shows you the data which is present in the hard disk. Simple FAT recovery process requires you to only select listed of a working drive software will quickly scan the drive and will start the recovery , simple and reliable to use FAT file recovery software that helps you in file recovery in moments of disaster of a disk crash or failure This Award winning data recovery software have goal to to restore/ recover as much as users valuable data. Key Features: Provides file recovery from deleted and damaged fromFAT/NTFS partitions .allow recovery from misplaced files(s) and folder(s). allow recovery of data lost due to accidental formatted of your hard disk. Recovery of file that becomes in accessible due to a virus attack. allow data recovery from fragmented/broken directories through its advanced features. This data recovery utility recognizes and preserves localized names. This FAT Recovery tool creates a directory and file tree of the file(s) and folder(s) found on the logically damaged or from deleted hard disk and allows user to select the data and transmission it to destination path. Visit at http://www.datarecoveryresolution.com/