invoiceFabric creates Invoices/Credit Notes and follows up with Customers who are reluctant to pay. Automatically. Complete Customer Data Definition You may define the Customer you are referring to and the Provider (the Company you are working for) together with Invoice details. This information will be automatically inserted within the generated Invoice/Credit Note, clearly visible when printing the document. Invoicing made easy invoiceFabric is really easy to use, with a straight forward process. You may import your Customer database, create Invoices with a few clicks, generate Credit Notes, communicate with Customers, export your data for further analysis, look at the status report to see how things are moving forward. Customer follow up Tired of remembering when payments should occur? Fed up with writing emails to those Customers who appear to be sort of lazy when the time of payment comes up? invoiceFabric allows you to manage this automatically and with the maximum comfort, for you and your Customers.