SQL data recovery tool is efficient software which uses advanced techniques and algorithms that ensures fast and effective recovery and gives accurate results. SQL users can easily restore SQL database from MDF file. Open corrupted damaged Microsoft SQL database easily using SQL disaster recovery tool and it is enabled with some special attributes that makes it a safe and secure data retrieval utility. Features like Automated Database Creation, Multi Threaded Export helps in creating database automatically and selecting multiple files at the time of exporting it on SQL Server respectively. Use SQL recovery software to easily open and access corrupted MS SQL Server database from corruption. These are the easiest way to Open damaged Microsoft SQL data and regain SQL data. It has an Advance recovery option for highly damaged MDF file. SQL Server database recovery can be done for all SQL Server editions (2000 to 2012) and user can restore SQL database from MDF File after completing the process. If you have deleted tables, stored procedure and other elements of MDF database then you can also recover all these items with the help of SQL database recovery tool that supports almost all Windows Operating System 98, ME, NT, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 etc. Get the trial version of the tool to view MDF and NDF files, after fixing the errors observed in them and it will exhibit the SQL Server recovery process. Repaired files can be opened on SQL Server with the Fully Fledged Version of the tool.