Secure your PDF Files using password protect capabilities which can be found in AdroitPDF Locker. Adroit PDF is a security software that enables you to lock your PDF files using a graphical interface based software that lets you manage bulk PDF files with just a few clicks of the mouse. Its simple click and drag feature allows you to build a program list consisting of all the PDF files you want to lock. Built with the latest in data encryption technology, AdroitPDF Locker support data encryption levels RC4-40 bit, RC4-128 bit, AES-128 bit, and AES-256 bit. It is designed compatible with Windows 7, Windows 2003, Vista, and XP. AdroitPDF Locker allows you to lock PDF Files allowing access only to those who know the documents? assigned owner password and user password. Its special features allow you to customize restriction settings of each document allowing specific users to access the files only by document owner defined modes as such documents can be customized as view only, view and print, and other combination settings. Adroit PDF security software gives convenient manageability of PDF files, it?s easy to install and uses very minimal PC resources. It comes complete with online support via the Adroit help link that lets you in on the latest information on PDF encryption and security.