Easy-to-use remote control software helps you administer and control remote computers any time and anywhere just like you are sitting right in front of them. No installation, no access codes or IPs to remember.With a double click admin can start a remote desktop connection, transfer files and chat with a user. This is how we (at Antamedia) help our own customers ? and we found it very simple and efficient ! Antamedia Remote Software uses the HTTP/S protocol, allowing to safely work with the tightest firewalls and proxy servers without the need for the customer to change any settings. Easily transfer files between the local and remote PC?s. Supports Drag?n'Drop, file transfer queue and multiple simultaneous transfer connections. Helps you communicate with a person who operates a remote computer that you are connecting to. Create user groups and assign admins and users for each group. This feature prevents admin to to access computers from a different group. Software runs as a service and automatically starts with a Windows !