LAN desktop Spy Monitor is an effective tool to help managers with staff management.This LAN surveillance software can not only improve your staff?s work effectiveness and productivity, prevent the confidential and proprietary information from being revealed by your staff, but also reduce effectively resource waste of computer. The main functions of LAN Desktop Spy Monitor: Spy and capture employee?s computer screen timely as a hidden monitor camera. You could monitor some or all of the employees? computer, and you can view computer screen at the same time. Record all keystrokes. All text content of email and message send, document file content edited or modified and other input with keyboard will be recorded and saved automatically. Record Website visit and filter some sites. LAN Desktop Spy Monitor can log all sites that your employees visited, forbid them exploring some designated sites. Record transfer rate. It keeps a record down automatically when the transfer rate outs of limits. Remote file management and transfer. You can manage other computers in LAN easily like upload, download, rename, delete etc. Remote control. It allows you to use your mouse and keyboard to operate employees? computer just like operating your own computer. View and terminate programs which are running on the employee's computer, send message or command to employee's computer remotely, or forbid them using USB storage device.