Unified and integrated player accounts management On the account card, accessible from main software window, you can easily proceed player deposits, withdrawal and bonus credits. You can off course manage access rights for player accounts and allow them to service application. There are many more functions. Just download trial version and try. Easy-to-use configuration of tournaments Treek's Poker Tournament Director.NET allows to you define any number of poker tournaments. For each of them you can set your own blinds, buy-ins and winnings. Cash game integration With Treek's Poker Tournament Director.NET you can organize cash-game as easy as you can organize tournaments. You can also set rake, minimal and maximal buy-in, your currency to chips exchange rate and more. Detailed log of transactions Treek's Poker Tournament Director.NETlogs every operation with money. This can help you make better risk management and overview about your players. Graphical output for players Our software brings a new experience to players on classic poker (not online) game. You can show information about tournaments and cashgame to players on external display or wide screen. Regional support Treek's Poker Tournament Director.NET supports setting your regional preferences You can use this software within United States, United Kingdom, European union or any other state on planet Earth. Jan Drozd software is open to make detailed regional settings within 48 hours for our custommers. Jan Drozd software offer two (2) free licenses for those person, who will submit to us a new , correct transaltion of software. USB KBD Barcode scanners support Treek's Poker Tournament Director.NET creates EAN-13 compatibile player ids, ideal for use and printing on vip cards and other. Treek's Poker Tournament Director.NET user interface is optimized for use of barcode scanners. Integrated technical support Our technicians are ready to help you 24hrs a day via integrated chat.