Stealth Miner is an Eve Online Bot that rolls in billions of EVE ISK for you day by day totally on autopilot! The EVE MINING BOT includes features like Gate Mining for systems without Station, EVE Bot Hauler - Trader, JetCan Hauler and much more. Eve Macro Bot allows to protect ship against NPCs and destroy them or to avoid belts with NPCs or player ships. Stealth Miner was developed to strengthen your mining and is an endless supply of ISK in EVE Online! ? Stealth Miner isn't a random name: the EVE Online mining bot mimics human behavior and is all about keeping a low profile as it makes you rich. ? The advanced AI and OCR give the EVE Online bot the ability to move on when a belt has been depleted. ? No matter how many bookmarks you have in a system's belts Stealth Miner can handle moving between them randomly, making your movements hard to track; unpredictability means security after all. ? Both ORE and ICE can be easily mined with the bot ? No matter if you're new to mining on an account or a completely trained up miner extraordinaire, the EVE Bot can be configured to handle your needs; what type of ship you fly and what your fittings may be do not matter to the macro bot. ? With three different options for unloading the ore you can choose what is best for you, be that taking it back to your POS, Jettisoning it into space, or hauling it back to your own Station Hangar. ? If you're using Mining Foreman bonuses Stealth Miner supports you. ? Mining drones are an obvious supported feature, but the bot will also get offensive with combat drones. ? Support for simultaneous mining on a single PC with up to 3 accounts, doubling or tripling your potential yield. ? Advanced offensive and defensive configuration options give you the ability to customize the EVE mining bot's combat behavior. ? Monitoring of Hostile ships means you can get out of space when there's danger about. Station-to-Station Hauler feature the perfect way to move your stuff.