Novell data recovery tool lets you recover your data from corrupt or accidentally deleted Novell traditional volumes. This Netware Recovery software recovers data from corrupt volumes of a crashed Novell Server. The Novell Data Recovery software is devised especially to perform Netware recovery and retrieve data, corrupt Novell volumes and enables you to access the data when the volumes could not be mounted. Moreover, the data recovery software allows you to save the retrieved data on another drive after the cases of missing volumes, deletion of files, corrupt volume(s), allocation errors and Novell partition loss is resolved. In addition to recovering the lost volume(s) the Novell Data Recovery software performs Netware recovery even if key structures such as Volume table, HotFix tables are deleted or File Allocation Tables are bad. Netware Recovery software supports recovery from sub allocated data volumes and compressed files as well as directories. Also, this software assures data recovery from segmented volumes and recovery in cases of accidental deletion. Novell data recovery is ideal for use when Vrepair fails to repair the corrupt traditional Novell volumes. The software fully supports IDE, EIDE, SCSI and SATA drives for Netware recovery. For more information please visit: