Launcher for WebHub, a 'cloud app' that re-invents surfing and search for mobile and cross-device browsing. WebHub gives people a single "home base" from which to organize their web experience across all their devices (pc, laptop, mobile, tablet, web-enabled tv). Through its Hub/Category organization system, WebHub makes surfing fast and easy across hundreds of the best sites on the Web. WebHub has a wide and growing number of these hubs and categories, giving people access to a huge range of the Web with almost no effort. WebHub also acts as a user's username and password manager that is cloud-based, so passwords and usernames are (1) instantly accessible from any of a user's devices, and (2) when a user loses or replaces a device, none of the usernames or passwords are locally stored on the device. WebHub is personalizable and customizable when a user creates his/her private version, which is free. And, WebHub has a strict policy of no-tracking or collecting personally identifiable information.