Employee Desktop Live Viewer provides real time access of employee activities to the network managers. It works centrally on a windows based network and capable of monitoring large number of computers. This remote spy tool can record user activities in stealth and invisible modes and does not let the employees to know about monitoring of their systems. Both online and offline employee activities on the computers are recorded by the remote spy tool in AVI video format. Employee Desktop Live Viewer can monitor activities on every employee desktop and enables network administrator to send notification messages on employee desktops. It also allows administrator to perform various tasks on the employee system such as changing user name and password, adding or removing wallpaper and disabling date functions. Acting as ideal remote spy tool, it records various computer activities such as visited websites, web history, running applications and others. It helps the organization in stopping undesired employee activities during working hours. Remote spy tool is available in free evaluation version that can monitor single computer of a network for 7 days. One must purchase the full version for monitoring more than one computers of a network. For more information visit: www.remotespysoftware.net