Full fledged, state-of-the-art Workers Compensation rating system for quoting and policy issuance. Developed for ease of use by underwriters. Modular processing. No programming needed when states change sequence of premium calculation. The user selects when each processing step is calculated (premium discount, large deductible, etc.), for each state. Easy to modify for specific needs. Lease it or purchase the rights. This system is so good, we want it to be put to good use. We have not updated the rates in two years. We'd like to develop a mutually beneficial arrangement with an Insurance Company. Source code available. There is a separate download that demonstrates screen displays. Plus, download the users manual for a complete overview of the rating process. Supports all states Users can maintain all support files Allows input/import of NCCI files Uses NCCI WORD forms/endorsements Supports all taxes + credits Supports ARDs Rates file allows users to apply Loss Cost Multipliers Exclusive modular processing for each state (users can control the order of each premium calculation step; ie. premium discount, small deductible, credits, taxes, etc.) Free Screen Demo highlights screen + processing flow Free Working Demo can be installed at user location