The cross-platform program for creating crossword puzzles. Designed for professional compiling, editing and easy guessing the classic crossword puzzles. Contains more than 1,000 crossword puzzles to guess. Provides a lot of tools for creating a crossword puzzle. It a dictionary of 31 000 Russian words and a dictionary of 41 000 English words. All functions: - Creating; - Guessing; - Check correctness of guessing; - Save state incompletely guessed crossword puzzle; - Automatic creation of crossword puzzle grid (beta); - Automatic compile of crossword; - Semi-automatic compilation; - Editing the dictionaries; - Saving created a crossword puzzle grid, as a template for the new; - Editing the font crossword; - Manually creation of the grid; - Export crossword: RTF, PDF, PostScript(*.ps), HTML, Text format Across Lite, JPG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, XPM, PNG, XBM, PPM, OpenKlest(*.ok). - Import crossword:Text format Across Lite, OpenKlest(*.ok); - Print crossword; - Statistics; The changes: - Increased safety of the game; - Added export crossword in RTF; - Fixed numbering of questions a crossword puzzle to print and exports; - Optimized display speed statistics; - Changed the color style of a crossword puzzle grid, reduced contrast colors;