Kernel for PDF Split and Merge is an excellent utility that enable users to manage their PDF documents in a better way by combining them into a single unit. This PDF combiner free software is apt for arranging and merging together large number of small sized PDF files into one document. Having a combined PDF document not only saves time in accessing data from files scattered around but also makes fire transfer simple. this is because, instead of uploading multiple PDF files as email attachments users can easily combine the PDF files with relate content into one and instead send a single attachment. The software Kernel for PDF Split and Merge carried out this procedure of merging PDF files just with a click of a few buttons. Users can upload any number of PDF files to combine into one and hit the ?Merge? button. Another advantage that this PDF combiner free tool provides is that users also select a folder that contains all the PDF files to be merged instead of selecting the files individually. The order in which the PDF files need to be merged can be specified using the ?Up? and ?Down? keys available in the software setup. Kernel for Split and Merge is available as an evaluation version for free download, which allows users to combine multiple PDF files but every page of the resultant document displays a red colored Text reading ?Kernel for Split and Merge Demo?. For more information visit