With the help of PDF combiner freeware tool, users can combine multiple PDF files in one large document so as to reduce the problem of data redundancy. Merging PDF files also decreases the time required to manage large volumes of files. By merging multiple PDF files of small size, users are able to better manage their work. Since PDF files are widely used in professional purposes, it is natural that the number of files keeps on increasing by the day. Although data compression feature offered in PDF documents enable users to keep the size of PDF files under control, large volume of PDF documents become unmanageable at some stage. Also, the chances of folders containing redundant or duplicate PDF files increase with large number PDF documents in a system. Therefore, PDF combiner freeware tools like Kernel for PDF Split and Merge help users to curb these issues by merging small sized PDF files to one large sized file. Using these tools, unlimited PDF files can be merged to improve manageability and work organization. Another benefit of using such tools is that less number of PDF files brings down the system storage space, thereby decreasing the CPU access time. With Kernel for Split and Merge, the process of combining a large number of PDF documents gets simple with almost zero downtime. With this software, users can also define the order in which the files or the pages of PDF documents must be combined. Simply by selecting the PDF files or the folder containing the files and by defining their order, PDF combiner freeware software combines the documents. PDF files created on any version of Adobe Acrobat can be merged with Kernel for PDF Split and Merge for better accessibility and sharing. For more information please visit www.pdfcombiner.org