Today's Coffee Shop themes show users three romantic and hand-drawing coffee shop with different style. When you get free time, and then go to a romantic and peaceful coffee shop to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the comfortable afternoon. Let's bring you into a wonderful and romantic coffee shop to take a seat. The first coffee shop is by the pool. In the hot summer, drink a cold beverage and then swim in the pool. Don't you think it is the place we aspire to in the summer? The second coffee shop is also with simple style. A table, some chairs and some green plants around. It is simple style but not bored. It just makes relax yourself from the busy and pressure life. The third theme is following the simple style. The domestically coffee shop also provides a good place to relax ourselves. However, the simple line draws out wonderful pictures for us. The hand drawing style is also can express the wonderful feeling for us. Please do not hesitate to download the coffee shop with hand drawing style themes to enjoy the beautiful afternoon together with flash flip book.