Business organizations can continuously watch each and every employee activity with the help of Employee Desktop Live Viewer. It is a comprehensive desktop monitoring tool for organizations such as schools, cyber cafes, IT companies and others. Employee Desktop Live Viewer can monitor both offline and online user activities on LAN network. Desktop Activity Monitoring tool is offered in viewer and agent setup files. Viewer system receives information about computer activity from agent systems of a network. Employee Desktop Live Viewer enable network administrator to record offline as well online activities of the employees. It can also schedule offline recording to record employee activities when administrator is not present in the office. Employee desktop live viewers effectively help in checking useless employee activities and help the organizations in adhering to email standards. All employee activities such as web sites viewed, files download from server and online chat messages are saved in AVI video files by the Desktop Activity Monitoring tool. Moreover, employee desktop live viewer is also available in evaluation version for free use. However, the free version works for just seven days and can monitor single desktop of a network. Therefore, it is important that you purchase the complete version to monitor multiple network computers without any time limitation. For more information please visit: