It's a Runtime application developed on Filemaker with eight distinct areas: MY WEB Gives the possibility to organize and classify your preferred websites by category and see, when you want. Social networks available during all session. WEB NOTES Here you can organize your digital references, sorted by topics and sub-topics with your comments and notes. Attach files that you can view, hear or read like PDF's, images, video, sound or any other file type. AUDIO MEMO This area allows you to organize, the audio recordings of meetings, audio notes or external audio files. The records have date and time and your comments. EXTRAS Access websites with useful formulas, recipes, currency conversion, weather forecast, etc. EMAIL In this area you can access, archive and send and receive emails of several email accounts on BASEMAGIC PRO. TASKS Daily Task Manager, take tasks control. WEB RESOURCES Here you have access to all productivity tools (word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, calendar, document manager, project manager, WIKI, Fax, phone to any country, drawing program flowcharts, OCR, translator and tools network management, or customize your environment. CONTACTS Here you have information of your contacts, accessible and updated with maps and web pages associated. You can use this area to store details of Shops, Company's, Institutions, Services, with your comments,notes and links. STORAGE BASEMAGIC PRO works from a simple Usb Pen (we recommend 8Gb or bigger), External Hard Drive or installed on computer and works in a way autonomously, without the need of additional facilities. The version MAC / WIN operates in both systems, so you only need a USB PEN and work with the program on the computer you wish. Data will be stored on your Usb Pen. When you get your computer, you just copy the BASEMAGIC PRO folder and paste, replacing the main folder BASEMAGIC PRO on your computer.