NSTC Position Analyzer is a software program designed for option traders. Its purpose is to help traders analyze option positions, monitor trades, evaluate risks, assess impact of price changes, implied volatility and time decay on option premium, as well as how probability of an option expiring In The Money impacts selection of options to trade. The heart of NSTC Position Analyzer is a What-If engine that allows a trader to analyze various scenarios and strategies. Using controls that change underlying stock price, implied volatility and the number of days to expiration, a trader is able to model any potential situation that may adversely affect his position. The trader could literally "walk" the trade from open to expiration while watching position premium contract or expand, depending on what situation is being modeled. The program also shows probability of each leg expiring Out of The Money recalculated with every change in the price of the underlying stock. Those who have an account with TD Ameritrade can monitor live positions in real time.